Underwater White Light

The Amarine Deep Drop Underwater Light is a great small unit that has many features we enjoyed. Itsoverall construct is strong, and at just 7 inches in length, storage is easy. The housing is tough enough to prevent breakage under most usage ailments. The LEDs are arranged in pairs, allowing for a 6-sided light module with 180 LEDs that put out 1,000 lumens in 0.9 Amps of power consumption. The light module is rated for 50,000 continuous hours and can also be replaceable. This light comes with a 20-foot cable, even somewhat longer than a number of the other lights within this price range. Additionally, it features a cigarette lighter power adapter--that removes the need to carry an excess battery as long as your vessel has a milder. Additionally, it expands the usability of this light, which makes it great for emergency light, a vehicle trouble light, or a camping light. An AC adapter will enable you to conduct the light on household current also. This really is a greatall-around ligh…